Mas^yah Christed

how the Quakers hid themselves (DNY>L 10:7): they "hid themselves in the dens [crevices] ... of the mountains" (Apokalupsis 6:15; cf. S^PT.YM 6:2; Hebrews 11:38), just as did (Hebrews 11:32; S^PT.YM 15:11) S^ims^on "sun", from sun-face (Apokalupsis 1:14; cf. Gaulish Ogmios), namely from sword-tongued (Apokalupsis 1:16) Mika>el (DNY>L 10:13, 21)

This term "Christed" is in allusion, by way of the anointing of a man's feet by a woman's hair, to "feet ... polished" (DNY>L 10:6) / "feet ... fine" (Apokalupsis 1:15).

This is in connection with the refiner (much as in the Dead Sea Scrolls) of >upaz (DNY>L 10:5) and the beryl (DNY>L 10:6) as source of metallic beryllium: "as lamps" (loc. cit.), viz. foot-lamp (>YWB 12:5; Psalm 119:105)

face of levin (DNY>L 10:6)

Baraq (Hebrews 11:32) "levin"

proclamation by angel of "feet ... fine" (Apokalupsis 2:18):

"prophetess, to teach ... to eat things sacrificed unto idols" (Apokalupsis 2:20)

H.uldah the prophetess, authoress of Deuteronomy. To " eat things sacrificed unto idols" was advocated by Paul, who planned (Romans 15:24, 28) to visit Hispania

"her ... bed" (Apokalupsis 2:22)

the bedstead (Deuteronomy 3:11) of >og in BAS^AN (?= BAStetANi of Hispania)

the pin~ata (festal suspended pot) is shattered with a rod (Apokalupsis 2:27)

this is an African funereal custom ("with death", Apokalupsis 2:23)

"morning star" (Apokalupsis 2:28)

indication of the [Cathar, of Provenzal] doctrine of Lucifer (morning star) as "brother" to Mika>el

other characters of Hebrews 11 --


"he being dead yet speaketh" (Hebrews 11:4) when invoked by means necromancy >o^B: >aBi^-<ezer (S^PT.YM 6:11, 34 -- "assisting [God the] Father [viz., by necromancy]) of Gid<on


son of (S^PT.YM 6:11) Yo^->as^ "fiery": rod-struck fire from rock (S^PT.YM 6:21)


from sheep's wool (S^PT.YM 6:37-40) dew [Latin] RoS: cf. [Skt.] RaSa-ayana "Rasa (river of netherworld)-travel" to rejuvenate the aged (as was Pelias father of Iason, through the sheep, of the golden fleece)


under the terebinth at (S^PT>YM 6:11) >oprah "hind, doe" (cf. [Norse] deer feeding on foliage of the Ygg-drasil)

Christian nudism

Though the ointment is confined in the orthodox Bible to the beard of >Ahro^n (Psalm 133:2), and to the hair of Mary Magdalene (Luke 7:38); yet

the title of [Gnostic] Book of Thomas the Athlete would suggest a Hellenic-style christing of athletes naked.

Mary Magdalene was similar to Mary the Aegyptian, whose

biography is descriptive of her going about "a woman and naked as you see"