Roma---------------------------------------------------------------commentary to Xiao jin

The^ was used (B-MDBR 4:6-12) as wrapping for the ark of the covenant (to protect it from rain?)

"a straw {straw being used to make Chinese raincoats} gatherer

"monokeros (unicorn)" is used in the Septuagint as [mis]translation for re>m, praesumably because of its similarity to the name R>u^mah for the mother (B-RS^YT 22:24) of^, the animal-name correctly translated "giraffe" according to

catching a unicorn":

the name R>u^mah ("sight")= Roma, so named because vultures were seen there (by Romulus, vying with Titus Tatius)

whence "the rise of the Han Dynasty" (p. 7)

Jesus Christ (& Paul)----------------------------------------Tian guan-li bao-yuan tai-pin jin

It can be determined that the calendar (setting festival-dates at days of the week) used in the Gospels is that peculiar to the Book of Jubilees.

The TGLBYTPJ is a "mandate according to the calendar revealed by the officers of Heaven" (p.3).

Jesus Christ as "the 2nd man >adam" (1st Corinthians 15:27), >adam meaning "red".

The TGLBYTPJ was revealed by the perfected "Master Red Essence" (p. 6).

"He whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." (John 11:26)

The Master Red Essence "is furthermore linked ... with the immortality techniques" (loc. cit.).

the personal title of ruler (Jesus Christ) as "Prince of Peace" (YS^<YH 9:6)

the personal title of ruler as "Majestic Emperor of Tai-ping (i.e., of Great Peace)" (p. 8).

"we have piped" (i.e., played the flute?)

the term tai-pin "was ... frequently linked to ... music." (loc. cit.)

"give unto Caesar what is Caesar's" including all money having Caesar's superscription (Matthew 22:19-20): this would imply abolition of money (except to pay taxes)

"the abolition of money and the return to barter." (p. 9)

Jesus' refusal even to speak with own kinsfolk while on public business:

prohibition on "influence of ... relatives in government." (p. 11)

specifically rejecting his own mother Mary (Luke 8:20-21)

Making public how mothers (empresses dowager) trick their adult sons (emperors). (p. 12)

"a sword ... of many hearts" (Luke 2:35)

"to commit suicide, taking responsibility for the planet Mars {the red planet, of Master Red Essence?} moving into conjunction with the constellation Heart." (p. 14)

"psalms and hymns and spiritual songs" (Ephesians 5:19)

"he consults the songs and the customs of the people" (p. 15)

Paul, as a tentmaker, was apparently a Rekabite (horse-rider) (YRMYH 35:10)

"Chief Commandant of Cavalry" (p. 16)

An earthquake (Matthew 27:54) betokened that the mistreatment of Jesus Christ (in his being crucified) was a misbehavior by the governmental court.

"earth ... quakes infers an imbalance ... at the imperial court." (p. 18)

Contrasted with the above court-scripture used by Wan Man, is that used by the Yellow Turbans (including Heavenly Masters):-

John (Baptist & apostle)-----------------------------------Tai-pin qin-lin s^u

John the Baptist promoted confession of sins, used incantations and charmed water

"the sick were encouraged to make a confession of their faults, and incantations and charmed water were used to help the healing process." (p. 44)

quoted the passage about a desert (of sand?), namely:

the blue sky was to be replaced by a yellow sky (loc. cit.) [according to Carlos Castane~da, the world having a yellow sky is a sand-region]

quoted "make straight in the desert a highway for our God" (Luke 3:4; YS^<YH 40:3)

"Those members violating the rules of society were asked to work in road construction" (p. 45)

eating of book (Revelation of St. John 10:10)

customary swallowing of document (loc. cit.)

John the Baptist came not drinking wine (Luke 7:33)

"prohibition of alcohol" (loc. cit.)

John the Baptist as wood-cutter the (Luke 3:9) = gatherer of firewood in the Torah (B-MDBR 15:32-36): cf. the Roman fasces, a bale of sticks: sticks being used as lots for decimation, where the #10 is repraesented in Latin by the letter X, X also being a component of the LABaRum, the other component, the letter P, repraesenting a LABRys (double-axe)


The LABRys was symbol of the LAByRinth, the maze of the MInoTauR = MITRa (Mithras), personification of the miter (literally, "headband")

"the peasants wore yellow bands around their heads" (p. 44): the Yellow Turban system was based on that of "Da Qin (the Roman Empire)" (p. 47).

GESSELSCHAFT FU:R NATUR- UND VO:LKERKUNDE OSTASIENS, Mitteilungen LXXV. Barbara Kandel: Taiping Jing. Hamburg, 1979.

The two Johns' eschatologies were similar:-

John the Baptist---------------------------------------------John the Apostle

"Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low" (Luke 3:5)

"the mountains were not found." (Revelation of St. John 16:20)

"And all flesh shall see the salvation of God." (Luke 3:6)

"and every eye shall see him" (Revelation of St. John 1:7)