Chinese SOURCE



Humans become gods.

"that men might become gods"


Maximus: "Contemplative Texts"

40 (PhK 2:25)


"'Inherited burden' originated with

'Original sin' originated with

'Red Luminosity' era:

epoch of >adam "red":

it is eliminated by

it is eliminated by

'Dragon Han' era." (PVS, p. 55)

"the serpent" (John 3:14) =


the Son of Man.


"gamblers, prostitutes, and beggars

"the publicans and the prostitutes

... worship ... orphan souls"

believed" St. John the Baptist.

(B&TS, p. 121, n. 43)

(Matthew 21:32)


"Each of them conceived a son spontaneously by the Breath."

"Begotten by the Holy Spirit" (sacred Breath)

(T&ChR, p. 353)

Apostles' Creed


Yu:-huan "distributed all

Jesus said: "Take all

his wealth, personal property, and valuables.

that thou hast and


give it to the poor". (Matthew 19:21)


He even cut his own body flesh

"My flesh is meat indeed,

and gave it as medicine

and my blood

to the poor".

is drink indeed."

(MMCh, p. 501)

(John 6:55)


Yu:-huan "living in

Jesus Christ resideth in

the ... Gold Palace or

the gold-streeted city, and hath

the White Jade Capital."

the "great white stone".

(MMCh, p. 502)

(Apocalypse of St. John 2:17)


"the offerings to Yu:-huang are... fish."

Jesus fed the people with fishes.

(MMCh, p. 503)

(Matthew 14:19)


Yu:-huang "emitted light and

Jesus "was transfigured before them, and

shone forth."

his face did shine as the sun"

(MMCh, p. 501)

(Matthew 17:2)


"One will have the magic fungus in the mouth and carry the five stars in the hands."

"And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword"

(Internal View of the Yellow Court, ch. 26. In:- PB2, p. 247)

(Apokalupsis of St. Ioannes 1:16)


"a seven-branched candelabra,

seven-branched candelabra (menorah) --"I saw seven golden candlesticks" (Apokalupsis of St. Ioannes 1:12):

representing the seven stars"

"The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks ... are the seven churches."

(B&TS, p. 88)

(ibid. 1:20)



Son of Man: "His head and his hairs

were white"(Rev. 1:14);


"and his countenance was as the sun"(Rev. 1:16),

who have black faces

viz. "black" (Rev. 6:12).

and white hair, stand thirty feet tall" (DH, p. 315).


"Their names will be entered in the

"whose names are in the

Purple Books ... and

book of life" (Philippians 4:3):

their ... souls will ascend

"caught up ...

to join the Sagely Lord. ...

to meet the Lord in the air"


(1 Thessalonians 4:17).

White bones will rise again ..."

"dry bones" will rise

(DH, p. 265). ["dessicated bones were revivified" (EDS, p. 406)]

(Yh.ezqi^>el 37:7-10).


"marsh-reeds" (RTC, p. 90) were

"reed" (Matthew 11:7),

brought by birds (ibid., p. 91)

"a dove" (Matthew 3:16)

"people already for three days, ... all return to life immediately" (ibid., p.90)

"after three days rise again" (Mark 8:31)


"Ju-Lai (Tathagata), in his great mercy, ... taught men to enter the womb again in order to recreate their (true) nature and (the fullness of) their portion in life"

Nikodemos inquired "can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?" This Iesous confirmed.

(ThKh, p. 38)

(Euangelion of Ioannes 3:4-5)


"What is the sign of your Father

"There is movement (tung), and

in you? ... It is

there is tranquillity (ching*)."

a movement and a rest [repose]."

(PWP' 1Q -- p. 7)



"At eighteen he

... fell down the golden step,

A jade girl descended to support him in her arms."

"He shall give his angels charge concerning thee, and,

In their hands they shall bear thee up,

Lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone."

[inscription at shrine to Xianggong in the city of Quanzhou ] (RITh, p. 147)

(Gospel according to Matthew 4:6)


Influence as "dye" (ALB 2:4:2).

Baptism = [literally] "dye"(GAPh).


"there is nothing inside [the body] that is not full of light."

"thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light"

(SGP, p. 149)

(Luke 11:36)


"A "bushel" ... into which ... are stuck ... a lamp."

"Neither ... a candle ... put ... under a bushel"

(RCMB, p. 219)

(Matthew 5:15)


dews and rains do

rains fall upon

not show favoritism

both the just and the unjust

(ALB 1:4:2a)

(Matthew 5:45)


"Accomplished men of old ... took on the outer appearances of fools."

"We are fools for Christ’s sake".

(Liu C^u-xuan : Wu-wei Qin-jin C^an-s^en Z^en-ren Z^i-z^i Yu-lu (DT1048/TT728) 3b, in T&PEQTM, p. 43)

(1st Epistle to the Korinthians 4:10)


ears not hearing,

ears hear not;

eyes not seeing

eyes see not

(ALB 4:3:2)

(Matthew 13:15)


"The blind achieved sight,

"The blind receive their sight, and

the deaf hearing, and


the mute speech ... and


the crippled regained use of their arms and legs.

the lame walk, and


the deaf hear, and


the lepers are cleansed, and


the dead are raised up, and

The crazed achieved normality and

{"many ... possessed by devils:

the wild, mindfulness.

and he cast out the spirits with his word,

The sick were healed and

and healed all that were sick"


(Matthew 8:16)

the hungry and thirsty, filled." --

"He hath filled the hungry with good things"


(Luke 1:53)}

when the Caelestial Worthy reciteth the Scripture of Salvation

the poor have the gospel preached to them."

(EDS, p. 388)

(Matthew 11:5)


"When you saw another man's wife

"Whosoever looketh on a woman

and desired her, you committed

to lust after her, hath committed

the crime of rape."

adultery with her already"

(RT, p. 83)

(Matthew 5:28).

To remove the eye is good medicine.

"If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out."

(DZ 1156:15b -- in:- CP, p. 388, fn. 270)

(Mark 9:47; Matthew 18:9)

"If people gouge out their eyes (stop looking at arousing sights?), the White Ox will of its own accord not run away."

"If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out." {cf. being blinded as penalty for raping a woman in India}

(C^on-yan Z^en-ren Jin-guan Yu-suo Jue 6b, in T&PEQTM, p. 82)

{cf. also the "Ox-Herding Pictures" of C^>an/Zen}

[White Ox = ‘semen virile’ (T&PEQTM, loc. cit.)]

{Dirgha-tamas was advised by an ox to rape a woman, according to the Puran.a.}


"Forget the

"we forgive

debts that others owe you."

our debtors"

(RT 4 [p. 14]).

(Matthew 6:12).


in A.D. 30's

in A.D. 30's Jesus Christ, called

"Painted Eyebrows",

"Head {of the Church}",


the 2nd >Adam",

wearing red war-paint:

>Adam meaning "red":

they sought social justice

the Christians sought social justice

and oeconomic aequality.

and oeconomic aequality.


Like Dawi^d,

Now-a-days, "red-head"

Jesus was red-haired.

Daoist priests serve not

Jesus said: "God is not the God of

the dead, but only the living.

the dead, but of the living."


(Matthew 22:32)


Practice of "speaking in tongues"

Christian "speaking with tongues"

(hsu:an yu:) (ChSh, p. 215).

(1st Corinthians 14:6)


When in danger of Hell (viz.,

After death, one's leg & arm

after death), one's foot & hand

must incarnate separately

must be amputated

(ChCh, chapter 6)

(Matthew 18:8)


Birds are in nests,

Jesus said that birds have nests,

foxes in caves

foxes have holes.

(according to HNTs 48:35).

(Matthew 8:20)


Heavenly birds perch on

Birds of heaven perch on

giant mustard plant

[mythical] mustard plant

(CMS 14:25).

(Luke 13:19)


[Actually, a real mustard herb is too flimsy to support a bird.]


"If you have only the intention of believing in the Dao, but do not have the works that improve yourself, your fate is controlled by the "orphan void", and your body is in danger of ... the three corpses" (Ge Hon : Bao-pu-zi – cited in "KSD", p. 22, fn. 46)."

"faith, if it hath not works, is dead" (Epistle of Iakobos 2:17); "faith without works is dead" (Ibid. 2:20, 26)


"Knock at the door of the Gold Pass"

"Knock, and it shall be opened unto you"

(CP, p. 376, fn. 207 -- DZ 1155:1.7a)

(Matthew 7:7; Luke 11:9)

"The Genuine one lies in knocking at the door of Wu Chi.

"I stand at the door and knock ..." (Revelation of St. John 3:20)

Inside it, there is a golden egg, Chin Tzu ..." (PB.2, p. 179).

{The hiran.ya-an.d.a ("golden egg") hatched Brahma (EB.3, citing E&ELS, p. 48), and thus is the Brahma[n]-an.d.a (cosmic egg) =} Hsu:an C^i, the armillary sphaere having

"Their pearl will fly to the top of K'un Lun.

a pearl suspended within it (PB.2, p. 225).

One must seek it ... After one obtains it, it has to be returned to the Dark Scarlet Palace, Chiang Kung" (PB.2, p. 179).

The "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls" (Matthew 13:45): in the Hymn of the Soul, the pearl was to be brought back (GB, p. 389) in one’s return to "our homeland" (GB, p. 392).

[This is not the Purple Palace at mt. K>un Lun (mentioned in PB.2, p. 225), but rather the palace "with purple flowers" (mentioned in PB.2, p. 228).]

[Ion (‘violet’) married the daughter of (GM 44.b) Selinos ‘parsley’; so that violets & parsley are mentioned together in Odusseis 5:75.]

Wan Wen-qin wrote the Xuan-z^u Ge ‘Mysterious-Pearl Song’ (NN, p. 109).

The Hymn of the Soul is also known as the Song of the Pearl (GB, p. 386).

"not ... a treasure, the Earthly Pearl" (AM&O, p. 143 - S^en Yue's Treatise, # 70)

"treasure in a field ... a pearl" (Matthew 13:44-46)

Boar containing pearls

"Cast not pearls before swine"

(CMS 4:1)

(Matthew 7:6)


"the heart palace. ... Treasure"

"where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

(HYEY, p. 163)

(Matthaios 6:21; Loukas 12:34)


"When the six spirits assemble in the void to feast, the pearls coagulate and ...

5 loaves of 5,000 (Matthew, ch. 16, v. 9); 7 loaves of 4,000 (ibid., v. 10) produce

the jade and gold keys"

the keys to the kingdom of heaven and of earth, which function mutually

(Internal View of the Yellow Court, ch. 27. In:- PB2, p. 247)

(ibid., v. 19)


Jesus said: "I am the living bread


which hath come down


from heaven."


"Bread of heaven" is term

{Mustard is the main ritual condiment,

for "mustard",

in Bon.}

in language of Kemet.


(GMP, p. 237, fn. 512)


8 Immensities etc.

Kingdom of Heaven is like

can be put into

(can be put into ?)

mustard seed

mustard seed

(OTO, p. 35)

(Matthew 13:31)


inebriation "in Grand Harmony ... in order to merge (with ... their Ancestor ...) ... is the Great Communion" (OTO, p. 205, n. 116).

"holy communion" as merger with 2nd >adam: "spiritual communion with our second Adam" (CC, 51)

"The good wine in their glasses is the people’s blood,

communion-wine is Christ’s blood;

The rich mutton they have minced is the people’s fat." (SHX, p. 181)

the "lamb of God" is Christ, whose body also is an element of the eucharist


"gates of hell

"the gates of hell

have been broken." (B&TS, p. 111)

shall not prevail" (Matthew 16:18)


Yu-huan cured ailments, and

Jesus Christ cured ailments, and

was put to death by humans:

was put to death by humans: he was of the

in 800 incarnations each (SYSh, p. 307):

[Valentinian] Ogdoad, a section of

he had 3,200 incarnations in total.

the 32-aion system.


"However, his father discovered the temple and destroyed it. ...

"I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands." (Mark 14:58)

The Taoist Master then produced a new body for Lo Qia, and he was reborn, more powerful than before.

"But he spake of the temple of his body.

When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said." (John 2:21-22)

... his father, Li Jing, was given ... the ... eight-sided pagoda". (HE&M, p. 230)

cf. Greek Orthodox octagonal spires


"Virid Iridescence"

"a rainbow ... like unto an emerald"

(FT, p. 135)

(Revelation 4:3)


on 25th day of 12th month,


blood is daubed on

blood of Christ;


Jesus as word (book ?) (John 1:1);


Jesus as lion (Revelation 5:5)

(FT, p. 215)


"He is ... in my head, in the

"Christ is … in all" (Col. 3:11).

center of a purple cloud ...

"he cometh with clouds" (Rev. 1:7).

His family name is Stupid-

"fools for Christ' sake" ( 1 Cor. 4:10).


"in Adam ["red"] all" (1 Cor. 15:22).

his first name, Radiance"

"the light of men"

(TB, p. 110)

(John 1:4).


"Heading the twenty-four communities were

twenty-four thrones having seated on them

twenty-four officers" (TB, p. 63)

twenty-four elders (Revelation 4:4)


"Heavenly Primogenitor

When Jesus Christ


the "first-begotten" (Hebrews 1:6)

saw his twelve disciples

"was come to his [12] disciples,

lying on the ground,


their eyes tightly closed."

he found them sleeping"

(CG, p. 1019)

(Luke 22:45)


A man of the state Son became, along with his son, temporarily blind for the sake of his own well-being (according to Huai-nan-zi 18 – DH, p. 105).

Paul became temporarily blind for the sake of his own religious conversion (Acts of the Apostles 9:12-18).


"Patriarch Luo ... continues his devotions in prison and

Paul continued his devotions in prison and

even converts the warder."

even converted the warder

(R&M, p. 392)

(Acts of the Apostles 16:25-34).


"… your harvest will be good."

"The harvest truly is plenteous"

(SGP, p. 138)

(Matthew 9:37)


"Heaven and earth

"Heaven and earth

may be destroyed, ...

shall be pass away:

yet the true writings

but my words

will shine forth for eternity."

shall not pass away."

(GD, p. 205)

(Mark 13:31)


"Make these writings public; don’t just store them."

"Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book"

(SGP, p. 339)

(Apocalypse of John 22:10)


The 3 Ones "are identical without being the same." (T&ChR, p. 367)

ditto, for the Holy Trinity





Latter Day Sage

Latter Day Saint (Joseph Smith)

to obtain scriptures

obtained scripture

(OTO, p. 209)


The divine mustard-tree is leaning; and

The liahona by indicated direction for migration, similarly as the Choctaw’s by leaning; by mustard-plants was found the direction for travel (LGP, p. 13), culminating in

on it perch birds, viz. 3-legged crows= suns.

the crow soaring (ibid., p. 14) from the tree (kalpa tree, ibid., p. 20) to heaven.


Near East

Society of Friends (Quaker)


fox as emblem

George Fox


where ge-ourgos "earth-work"


is an allusion to fox-hole digging.


"Foxes have their holes ..."


(Matthew 8:20).

[in Armenia] of


Paulicians, Christians who


refuse to maintain paid clergy.

Refuse to maintain paid clergy

>Uwe^si^ (>uwe^s "fox")


[S.u^fi^, from Yemen]:


the >Uwe^si^ rely on

Quakers rely on

individualism in

individualism in

religious experience;

religious experience.

they are S.u^fi^.


S.u^fi^ "woolman" (s.u^f "woof").




Society of Friends (Hicksite)


"link their arms" (H&E, p. 196),

Holding hands

"ringing like a chain" (ibid., p. 197).

in a circle."


"Unity with Nature."

"Unity with Nature."







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There are also some apparent warnings against Christian dogma, as:

"The Ching Fang-i-chuan says, "When mountains quietly move themselves, there will be war or chaos throughout the land and the government will fall."" (SShCh, p. 283)

"say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove" (Matthew 17:22)

"Mount Strange ... is a mountain from the Tung-wu Sea of Lang-yeh." (loc. cit.)

"say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea" (Mark 11:23) [why into, and not from?]

"The hill with seven peaks is ... flooded by the overflow of the sacred wine, jalong timang" (BW 34.c: p. 31). Next (BW 35.5) is "white crystals" batu kinyang = quartzite, the quartz linga of Varun.a, god of the sea.

The city "seated upon seven mountains" (Apocalypse of John 7:9) and where nations "drink of the wine" (ibid., 14:8), i.e., the sacerdotal element of the Mass, is to be thrown "into the sea" (ibid., 18:21).


SShCh = Kenneth Joel Dewoskin: The Sou-Shen-Chi and the Chih-Kuai Tradition. PhD diss., Columbia U., 1974.

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the Maha-yana vaipulya-sutra-s, being of Chinese composition, derive from Daoist sources and therefore shew a few [rather vague] parallels with Christian episodes, thus:

"An unknown (basis) exists under the home of a poor man that must be uncovered (path) through removing obstructive dirt (defilements), yeilding the treasure (fruit) that was already there."

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which … a man hath found".

(MD, p. 9; cf. p. 51, quoting the Tatha-garbha Sutra)

(Matthew 13:44)

MD = Do:l-bo Shay-rap-gyel-tsen (tr. by Jeffrey Hopkins): Mountain Doctrine. Snow Lion Publ., Ithaca (NY), 2006.

Chinese descendandants of Jesus

The "son of Jesus" (Bar-jesus, Acts 13:6) [and, praesumably of Mary Magdalene] was named Elumas (Acts 13:8).

Elumos is "millet", the favorite grain of the Chinese, possibly indicative of communion-wafers made of millet.

Elumas accompanied Sergius Paulus (Acts 13:7).

Elumos is said to have accompanied Aigestes, son of Krimisos. (GM 137.g)

The hound-headed St. Christopher supposedly carried the infant Jesus across a river.

Krimisos (written /Krinisos/ by Huginos), a river-god, assumed the form of a hound or bear.

According to the Veda, 4-eyed hounds guide the dead. {Cf. Dahomean 4-eyed death-god} cf. Cayuga 4-eyed hound who pursued self-reviving bear into sky (HGB).

According to the Li C^i Book of Rites’, the 4-eyed-bear-masked ritualist consecrateth the grave’s 4 corners (so as to enable corpse to revive itself?).



Various Daoist scriptures are said ro have been found on ancient metal plates, supposedly buried by a supernatural being and dug up centuries later in response to a dream or vision. A rumor of this doctrine may have been transmitted to New England via whalers and other New England shippers. The idea could have been picked up by New England Freemasons, and passed on to the relatives of Joseph Smith. [There is hardly any other plausible explanation of the Mormon doctrine concerning this; it simply is not known in European traditions.]